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Chiropractic after falls and accidents

When we have an injury, our body system goes into a defense mechanism that locks everything to keep us safe, but we don’t realise that falls, car accidents and traumas cause a lot of misalignments in our joints that in the long term can cause many problems often distant from the site of injury!

 If we have a car accident we know that it’s important to repair the car and check that all the functions of the car are still good, but we forget to get ourselves checked, and we think that it’s just a “bit of a stiff neck or low back ache”.

As Chiropractors we see a lot of patients coming in our offices with pelvic or low back pain due to a fall from many years before, or neck pain from a car accident, and we know that the sooner the body gets re-adjusted the better it is, to prevent the other joints from compensating and cause issues there as well!

When we are well aligned and all the joints, muscles and nerves in our body are functioning well, we can do all the things that we want and need to do without pain and without damaging ourselves, hence this is why it’ s so important to be checked by a Chiropractor!


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