What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is an excellent method to improve your health in a natural and safe way.

sistema nervioso quiroprácticaOur health depends on our vertebral column, a wonderful structure that is composed of 33 vertebrae which, together with the cranium, protect the most important organs of our body: the brain and spinal cord, which compose the nervous system.

Our nervous system permits the communication between the brain and the rest of the body, in order to control and regulate the function of each cell. Therefore our nervous system needs to function optimally for our body to properly self-regulate, regenerate and heal.
Because all nerves pass through the spine, its correct function and alignment is essential for the health of our nervous system.

We know that the body has the ability to heal itself: if we cut our finger, the body will heal the wound, if we get a bacteria or virus infection, the body will respond physiologically to fight it, through fever and other healing mechanisms.

Therefore we could ask ourselves: why do we have pain or health issues that don’t get better or resolve?

It’s because there is an interference in the process of self-healing.

Every day we are exposed to different types of stress: physical (sitting all day long, bad posture, falls, trauma), mental (negative thinking, stress, destructive emotions) and chemical (processed food, pollution, tobacco, alcohol).
These stressors create an interference in the nervous system which manifest in the spine as vertebral subluxations.

When we have a vertebral subluxation, our body can’t self-heal nor regenerate correctly.

Vertebral subluxations are a dysfunction of spinal joints that compromise the health of the nervous system and affect the correct function of our vertebral column.

The purpose of chiropractic is to remove the interferences that affect the nervous system. Eliminating these interferences improve the ability of the body to self-heal and function optimally.

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The chiropractor

What education do chiropractors have?

To become a chiropractor is necessary to study at a full time university for 4-6 years depending on the country, with an average of 4485 hours of education.

The chiropractic profession is recognized as a sanitary profession by the WHO (World Health Organization) and it is the third sanitary profession in the world.

The benefits of chiropractic

How can chiropractic help you?

The people who regularly receive chiropractic adjustments have less pain and tension in their bodies, have a better posture, spinal flexibility, energy and wellbeing, greater quality of sleep, better mental and emotional wellbeing, breath more fully, have better digestion, less stress, less need for medications, less hospitalizations and surgery over the course of their life, and improved wellbeing and mood. In essence, better quality of life.

Chiropractic is for everybody. Anyone will benefit from a healthier spine and nervous system. 

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