Benefits of Chiropractic

How can chiropractic help you?


Heath and wellbeing
Flexibility and posture
Energy levels
Function of the immune system, nervous system and digestive system
Mental and emotional balance
Quality of sleep
Quality of life
Body awareness

columna vertebral


Pain and tension
Need for medications
Negative thinking and destructive emotions
Hospitalisation and surgery
Difficulty in movement
Risk of injury

Who can chiropractic help?

Chiropractic is for everybody

Babies and kids

Babies and kids

Chiropractic can help kids to have a healthy nervous system and spine. (Hawk 2016)
Moreover, kids love to get adjusted!

Adapted care

We adapt chiropractic care to suit babies and kids: Adjustments are very light and gentle, using the pressure that you could stand pressing on your eyeball.

Birth: the first challenge

Birth can be a trauma for the baby and it can affect their nervous system, hence is very important to make sure that is functioning correctly. We are born with 25% of our brain developed, the 75% remaining develops after birth. For a healthy brain development is necessary to eliminate the interferences in the nervous system.

Signs of imbalance

An imbalance of the baby can lead to breastfeeding problems, sleeping problems, digestive problems, crawling problems and asymmetries in head position.

An agitated life

Growing up, kids can have many falls, learning to walk, running and playing, hence is very
important to check that these falls didn’t damage the nervous system, spine and pelvis. An
imbalance left uncorrected can lead to scoliosis, ear problems, poor immune system function, behavioural disorders and other dysfunctions.
The aim of chiropractic is to restore optimal nervous system function so that the body can heal itself.

bebé recibe ajuste quiropractico
mujer embarazada recibe ajuste


Chiropractic care helps women during pregnancy: it can relieve back pain, muscle tensions and improve body alignment and balance for a healthy delivery

Regular adjustments help realign the body, making it more flexible and functional, which is very beneficial for fetal growth in the womb. In fact reducing pelvic torsion helps the baby to move better and find the optimal position for birth.

Pain relief

The postural, physiological and endocrine changes during pregnancy can load the body in such a way that provokes pain.
Scientific studies show that 20% of women suffer from pelvic pain during pregnancy (Vleeming 2008) and that adding chiropractic adjustments to regular obstetric care is beneficial for low back and pelvic pain. (George 2013).

Safer delivery

The physical and emotional state of the mother during pregnancy and delivery has an impact on the health of the baby and the safety for the mother. Chiropractic helps women be healthier and therefore promotes a safer pregnancy and delivery.

Faster delivery

Moreover, a study (Fallon 1991) reports a shorter time of delivery in women under chiropractic care.


Chiropractic can help athletes to improve their performance and prevent injuries. Also it can help them to recover from injuries already occurred, increasing their strength, flexibility and body function.

Injuries can permanently damage our body, and very specific corrections are necessary to regain the lost function. Through specific muscles tests we can assess the function of the body, and apply the necessary care.

Many professional sport teams have a chiropractor taking care of the spines and nervous systems of their players (Stump 2002).

Article about Chiropractic and Sport:

quiropractica y deportista
mayor recibe ajuste quiropractico


Chiropractic is very beneficial for elderly people, to improve the movement in their joints and improve their health. (Maiers 2014).

As we age, the body becomes stiffer, diminishing the ability to move and the flexibility, which often means increased pain and disability. Chiropractic helps in regaining some of that lost flexibility, improving the posture and relieving pain.

Moreover, chiropractic is more cost-effective and has greater results (faster healing time) for people suffering from low back pain compared to other therapies. (Weeks 2016)

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