Your first chiropractic visit

We explain it to you in a video

We analyse and we begin

Analysis + physical exam + chiropractic adjustment

1. Analysis

Initially, the chiropractor will take notes about your anamnesis, exploring the reasons why you came, your goals, and discussing the relevant information about your health, medical history and lifestyle.

chiropractic interview
chiropractic Physical exam

2. Physical exam

Then we go through the physical exam, which consists of: a postural analysis, vertebral column and nervous system assessment, chiropractic tests, muscle tests and range of motion assessment.
These tests will permit us to identify the major dysfunctions and imbalances in the body, so that we can correct them.

3. Chiropractic care

In the same visit, we will begin the chiropractic care: you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment. We
use manual techniques which stimulate specifically the spine and nervous system to correct their functions.
Spinal adjustment is the method that most stimulates the brain. It is performed by a specific manual correction of the spine which is safe, fast and painless. This adjustment restores optimal joint motility and nervous system function.

chiropractic care

At the end of the chiropractic examination, the chiropractor will elaborate a report.
He will explain to you the findings and the recommended course of care: the approximate number of sessions and the frequency of care.
The process of healing takes time.
The body needs time and repetition to balance: if you want to build a muscle, you will need to do a specific exercise repeatedly for a certain amount of time to have a lasting effect.
The frequency and duration of your care depend on the type and the extent of imbalance that you have.

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