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Posture and mood

The relationship between mood and posture

We can intuitively understand if someone is happy, confident and full of life or if they are feeling miserable and depressed just from their posture.

Research has shown that the relationship between mood and posture is reciprocal, which means that if you are feeling depressed you will go into a slouched posture, but if you are in a slouched posture you will feel even more miserable, hence it’s a vicious cycle! 

In fact you just can’t feel sad or depressed if your posture is open, with an open chest, high chin and a smile on the face, and you can’t feel happy and have happy thoughts if you are slouching, with rounded shoulders and neck down.
Therefore it’s up to you whether you choose to have a “happy posture” or “miserable posture” and feel accordingly! Sometimes it’s hard to break the cycle, that is why going to a Chiropractor, doing physical exercise and looking after your posture will make a huge difference!

As Chiropractors  we give huge importance to posture, as it’s essential for spinal health, nervous system function and mental/emotional health as well! 

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