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How Chiropractic can help athletes

Many professional sport teams rely now on Chiropractors to look after the health of their players.

Chiropractors, through specific muscle testing can assess how every muscle of the body is functioning.
If we have a weakness in one of our muscles, the body will not be able to cope 100% with the sport or activity that we are doing, and it will cause an over-stress on certain joints and increase the likelihood of injury.

Misalignments into the spine and pelvis can cause weakness in the muscles due to an impairment of the nervous system, in fact if the nerves that carry the information and control each muscle of the body are not functioning optimally, the muscle will be weak. 

Assessing the range of mobility of each joint is also essential, because if some joints have lost their mobility or are misaligned, the athlete will be more prone to injury.
Sometimes we see this phenomenon in sport when an athlete gets injured while doing a normal movement that they do all the time in their training and competitions, and the question that we want to answer is: why did they injury themselves in that exact episode?
The reason is because they have built up dysfunction and misalignment into their neuro-musculoskeletal system to the point that the body was not able to cope with the stressors that the body was undertaking.

As Chiropractors, we make sure that the athlete’s function is optimal in all their systems, because we know that pain is not the only indicator that there is something wrong going on, in fact people that get injured very often are not experiencing pain in the area.

Our feedback from athletes is amazing, they can achieve more easily their goals, run faster, lift more weight, feeling more balanced when performing in competitions and so on.

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