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The importance of your spine

Do you know the importance of your spine?

Our spine is of crucial importance!
We should care daily of our spine, as we look after our teeth, but because we don’t know how important it is, we tend to ignore it!
The spine is protecting our spinal cord, which is a bundle of nerve that transports all the information from the brain to the rest of the body and viceversa.

The nervous system is the communication pathway between brain and body.
If it is not functioning correctly, the message cannot be sent or received clearly, and health and function will be affected! This is what happens after countless hours spent sitting down, or doing repetitive movements that can damage the spine.

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The nervous system controls and regulates every single cell of our body, therefore if there is interference in the transmission of nerve information every single cell will be affected.

Our joints in the spine contain mechanoreceptors that constantly send information to the brain about our body in space (proprioception), and the brain sends a response to regulate body control and movement.

If the joints are not moving correctly, the information sent from the mechanoreceptors to the brain will be distorted and limited, therefore the brain will send abnormal signals to spinal muscles and the spine will not be able to function correctly.

Our spine is the point of attachment for many muscles of our body, hence if is not working well, all body movement is affected.

How posture is affected?

Our posture is greatly affected by our spinal function, and posture has been linked to mood, immune function, heart and lung function and general wellbeing.
Have you noticed that when we are depressed and don’t have energy our posture closes, and when we are happy, energized and self-confident our posture is open?
Well it works both ways, if your posture is close you will feel even more depressed and if your posture is open you will be more full of life.

How Chiropractic can help you

Of course chiropractic can greatly improve spinal function, therefore has a positive effect on proprioception, coordination, posture, mood, immune function, heart and lung function, and nervous system function!

Essentially with chiropractic we are improving the ability of the body to heal itself, so that we can express our full potential of health and wellbeing!

Come and get adjusted,

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